• 10 year vaniversary – our camping life in the past decade

    For more than ten years now we are traveling all around Europe and have tried different kinds of camping during those years. Whether in a tent, a campervan, a rooftop tent or the caravan - we tried it all and have made some great memories. In this blog post we would like to share our camping life story with you and talk about the different ways of camping we tried out during this time.

  • 5 Places to visit in South East England

    When thinking of England or Great Britain the first city that comes in mind will probably be London. A lot of us might have already been to London. It is a city worth visiting - for sure! But during our last trip to Southern England in July we discovered so many other great places worth visiting when on the isle.

  • Campen in der wunderschönen Normandie

    Eine Woche mit dem Van in Nordfrankreich. Kilometerlange Sandstrände, atemberaubende Kreideklippen, wunderschöne Steinhäuser, endlose Weiten und historische Artefakte - der Norden hat es in sich!

  • Eine Nacht am Pragser Wildsee

    Am Beginn unserer 4-wöchigen Reise standen ein paar ‚Places you have to see before you die’ auf unserem Reiseplan. Ein Ort von dem man ja schon einiges gehört und gesehen hat ist der Pragser Wildsee in Südtirol. Wir dachten uns also, auf dem Weg in die Schweiz wäre das ein gutes Zwischenziel. Schon die Reise nach Südtirol war atemberaubend.

  • Traveling light – our packing list

    When it comes to long term travels packing up is not that easy. Especially when it comes to 'vanlife'. In this case you not only need your suitcase full of clothes and shoes, you also have to pack your kitchen, shower and bedroom. You might think that after more than ten years of traveling you know what to pack, but the truth is we still tend to pack way too much stuff than we actually need. Here is a list of our essentials we bring along. Maybe it can help you to prepare your next trip.

  • The place that stole our hearts ♡ – Weissensee

    I guess we all have our own 'places to see before you die' list. If you have the feeling there's one place missing on your list it definitely is the lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria. At about 930 m a.s.l you will find crystal clear water that invites you to jump right in.

  • A weekend of hiking and paddling at the Wolfgangsee ⧊↟↟≈

    Our destination for the long weekend was quite spontaneously decided. There are so many great spots to explore that we couldn't really decide for which we wanted to go for. Since the Salzkammergut is well known for it's beautiful landscape, crystal clear lakes and stunning mountains - the choice was made quickly once we thought about it.

  • Our spontaneous trip to the vineyards! ❦❦❦

    We spontaneously decided to spend the weekend at the vineyards in the most southern part of Styria. We had a lovely hike up and down the hills and a yummy meal at an organic vineyard. Südsteirische Weinstrasse is always worth a visit!